Saturday, September 19, 2020

Litttle Green Riding Hood

 My DSLR camera I have had for almost 15 years has bitten the dust, so I got a point and shoot to use until I can get another DSLR. Playing with the manual settings today to try and figure things out. Isabeau (minifee Iru) was my subject.

I also noticed poor Isabeau had blown a pupil in one of the eyes I had in her previously, so an upgrade was in order. I gave her my Dollbakery Shimmermints. They are almost the same color as what she had in previously, but the eyes are better quality, so hopefully her pupils will stay in tact this time.

A beautiful morning for a trek outside through the "woods" aka my front bushes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Triple Threat

As I stated in my post below featuring my KID Faye, Arabel...............I love when I piece of clothing can fit several sizes. I got this little under dress in several colors, so I tried the green one on Dollshe Rosa this morning. While a little tighter on her than it is on the KID and MiniFee's, it does still work.

Rosa is thicker through the middle than the Minifee's and KID's , so she can't wear the "over dress" piece, but I think this makes a lovely gown for something different.

And as always, when the kids come out, so do the resin kitties it seems.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Double Duty

Don't you just love when you find a piece of clothing or prop that can do double duty across a couple different doll lines? Well I guess if you are really focused and only collect one type of doll/size you wouldn't have that problem, but I'm not that focused and my collection runs the gamut of sizes!  
I found this adorable little "under dress" at Denver Doll as I was browsing last week and bought it for my Minifee girls. The ivory one is pictured on one of my mini fee's in my previous post. This morning I was looking at little Arabel (Iple KID Faye) and wondered if the  dress would work for her, as she can wear some other things I've gotten for the mini fee's.

As you can see it is floor length on Arabel, where it is ankle length on the mini fee girls, but it works well I think.  The KID girls will definitely be borrowing these pieces (I got several colors) from the MNF girls closet.

And a final close up of Miss Arabel, as I think she's so darn cute!

Monday, August 31, 2020

A Gathering I Go

I got some adorable new mix and match pieces from Denver Doll for my Minifee girls, so Isabeau went outside to model her outfit. The under dress comes in 4 colors and the overskirt comes in several colors as well. Lots of great mix and match possibilities.

Boots are from DDE as well, and they come in 3 colors.

I love the fairy tale vibe.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Just Part of the Gang

Just playing a bit with a few of my Realpuki's this morning.

Chompers came across Pippa and Nuzzli, and wasn't quite sure if they were friend or foe.............although they sure looked pretty friendly.

Didn't take long for Nuzzli to talk him around..................
...............and convince him you can never have enough friends.😀

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Add Mr. Purple

And..................added a purple cutie to the group. When I saw DDE had a purple one painted in stock, I just couldn't resist after the first 2 arrived home.

They arrive in the cutest little boxes shaped like a little house as well. I just had to take a pic of them with it.  Yes, totally smitten, and they are so far from what I usually go for.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

More Pipos Fun

Just a few more pics of my new Pipos, with Meaghan (my MNF Mirwen). The pictures with her give a good idea of how tiny the Pipos are.

I loved these little guys so much I had to go back and get a purple one from DDE too, and he will arrive later this week.

I've never been one for anthro's too much, but these little ones have totally captivated me!