Sunday, January 19, 2020


 This morning I decided it was finally time to take Arabel out of her Christmas dress, and as I was thinking about what to put on her I thought of this cute little dress I got from ShahmaranBJD on Etsy. It is sized for my minifee girls, but the body of the dress is made from a stretch material so I thought it might work for my KID girls as well.
I'm happy to say its a win! The sleeves are a perfect fit and while the length is slightly longer on Arabel than it is on the minifies I think its actually a great length for her.
Arabel is very happy and so am I! I love when I can multipurpose items across doll lines.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Arabel Christmas

Time has really gotten away from me this year. I had planned to take so many more Christmas pics of my dolls this year, but since it is now the 23rd and I have plenty of real life things to do yet to get ready for Christmas Eve I think it is safe to say I am not going to bring all my dolly plans to fruition. I did get a chance to redress Arabel this morning and take a few pics of her.
She is wearing a 14" Betsy McCall dress that I have had for forever. Its a little big on her, which makes me think it might actually work for my Dollshe little girls too, but I think Arabel still looks cute in it.
Arabel has such a sweet face. I'm really glad I got her. Wishing all of you out in dolly land a very Merry Christmas, from me and my dollies to yours!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I happened to be in Hobby Lobby Friday and saw these "ugly" sweaters in a Christmas display by the cash registers for 50% off, since that made them about $3 ea I thought it would be fun to get them for the little ones. I hoped the BID's or LittleFee's would be able to wear them. I tried them on Taigi and Lydia today and they are a perfect fit.
Taigi and Lydia were a little put out and couldn't understand the "ugly" sweater concept at all. They were just upset that they got "ugly" sweaters while Nalla and LW got "cute" sweaters.
I think they look adorable in them though. I promised them next year they would get cute sweaters and two of the others would have to wear the "ugly" ones.
And a last shot of Lydia...……..who thought hers was the ugliest of all, because she actually likes llama's AND pink (both of those things on Taigi's sweater) and her sweater just had an ugly old prickly cactus.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

It's Holiday Time Again

I can't believe the first week of December is over already. Each year the time seems to move faster and faster.  I guess it didn't help that Thanksgiving was so late this year. A few new pics of Nalla, LW and Boo since they had on their winter/holiday themed sweaters.
I do believe their sweaters were "Elf on the Shelf" sweaters I found a couple of years ago. They work great for the BID dolls. I need to get out and see if I can find a couple more for my other BID's.
And another of the two of them. I really need to get some Christmas decorations out for the "set", but was too lazy to do it today. I've been fighting a cold and didn't feel like digging through my boxes today.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all here in the states that celebrate it! My son and his wife are coming in from Hawaii today, so I have a lot to be thankful for! I have a job I love, my family is in good health and I have a roof over my head, and both of my kids will be here this year. I certainly am blessed.
 I found a couple of pictures on my hard drive of my Kish kids that I took quite a few years ago, and even though they are vinyl, not resin I thought it would be a great day to post them. Their outfits were made by Janice Mundy, who is a wonderful seamstress. Janice did lots of outfits for my Kish crew when I was actively collecting them.
And a shot of the little Indians by themselves.
Another shot I found in my archives of Opie  and Pippa. I think Spampy made these for me. We are celebrating our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, as my oldest son works in the restaurant business and is working all day today, and my youngest and his wife don't arrive until late morning. Hope all of you find things in your lives to be thankful for. Enjoy the day and try not to eat too much turkey (or ham, or whatever it is you enjoy for the holiday).

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Fluke that Fit

Recently I purchased some shoes on Ebay described as fitting the MNF flat foot...……..when I got them home, they were HUGE on my MNF girls foot. I started looking around the doll room trying to decide who they might work for and spotted my little Dollshe girls, who have feet that are a little hard to fit. They are bigger than my other tiny girls feet and even a little bigger than my JID girls flat foot. I decided I'd try these shoes on Addie to see if they might work for her...………… dressed her up in the little SartoriaJ dress that my Rosa's previous owner sent along with her, and tried the shoes on over her tights and walla………………...they were a perfect fit!
I guess the advantage to collecting a variety of sizes of dolls is that in a situation like this one, you always have SOMEONE that seems to be able to fit into a size that may not work on someone else.
I had my Caroline's Parlour set out from American Girl as I was photographing my Tonner's last weekend and I thought it would be a cute back drop for Addie as well. Typically she wears period clothing, but its always nice to change it up and try something different. One reason I love BJD's so much...………………...its so easy to change a dolls look.

Sunday, November 17, 2019


Before there were BJD's in my life, there were Tonner dolls. From the time Robert Tonner first introduced Tyler at Toyfair and I saw my first Tyler in hand at a doll show I was hooked. I collected Tonner dolls for many years before the BJD's took a firm hold and I re-focused my collecting on them.  While I have sold off a vast number of Tonner dolls that I had, I kept most of my 12" child dolls by him, and their wardrobe.  My favorite of the Tonner child doll sculpts in the 12" size was Alice, from the Alice in Wonderland series he did. This week the "theme" of the week on the Prego doll board was Tonner dolls and outfits, and it took me for a walk down memory lane and made me want to get some my Tonner dolls out for some playtime. Since this blog mainly concentrates on my child like dolls I thought I'd share my Tonner child dolls here, even if they aren't in resin form. First up are what I like to call Alice light and dark.  The blonde is a "classic" Alice, the raven was a Cherished Friends exclusive and was called Through the Looking Glass. You don't see much of her on doll boards or blogs, but she is beautiful and if push came to shove she is probably my favorite of the Tonner child dolls.
I couldn't resist the sausage curls on this next cutie. Her name is Afternoon Visit Alice and she is redressed in Victorian Stripes. The clothing for the Alice line is exceptionally nice. I wish I had bought all the dolls/outfits  in this line looking back.
The outfit below was sold as a separate outfit in the Alice line. It was called Afternoon Tea Party, and is modeled by my favorite Marley, that I kept, called Rocky Mountain Marley. Her hair is in a gorgeous French braid. They came in blonde and brunette versions, and if I remember correctly were exclusives for Denver Doll Emporium.
Party of the Flowers Alice has never been redressed. She was perfect as she was.
The next Alice is the doll that came in the Victorian Stripes outfit above. She has been redressed here in one of the separate outfits  called Back to School.
And lastly 2 of my Marley's in 2 Tonner nightgowns done for the younger set, the one on the left is from the Alice line, and is called Dreamland. It is modeled by the first Marley I bought, Prep School Marley. I loved her glasses and her little flip to her hair. The yellow gown on the right is called  Bedtime Dreams and is modeled by the Marley from Summer Vacation giftset.